Who We Are

We continue to stand by our common-sense conservative values and principles, fighting for:
◦Lower taxes;
◦less and smaller government;
◦personal responsibility;
◦creating opportunities for anyone;
◦protection of life;
◦empowering families;
◦and defending freedom and liberty.


Free Enterprise

Growing our economy does not require more government intervention or government money. It requires government to get out of the way so that private sector money can be spent more efficiently with fewer barriers. If we want to have an economy that can compete with the world, we need to give businesses and workers the tools they need. Instead, government too often ties hands and creates barriers to innovation. In other circumstances, government goes as far as to pick winners and losers. Instead, we need a free enterprise system where consumers pick the winners and losers and government allows innovation everywhere.


Gentle Giant

It should give us great pride that America's military is the greatest and most respected in the world. Our place as the world's strongest military power is crucial for our continued prosperity in the world. The goal of any strong nation should always be to keep the peace, but be unequivocal in putting down unhealthy conflict throughout the world. America is a military giant and we should stay that way, but does that mean we should use our full military capabilities at every available turn? No. We need strong leadership to guide our military in the right direction. It is no longer enough to be strong, we must also be smart enough to know when to use our strength.


Saving Soldiers

Caring for our veterans, the men and women that were not afraid to put everything on the line for their country, is a key tenant of what we Republicans believe. All of our veterans who so honorably and dutifully served in whatever capacity deserve the best medical care available. We owe it to our veterans to give back and watch over them just as they watched over us for so long.


The Pen is Mightier

"Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of the press" -1st Amendment of the US Constitution

The very reason why this website can be published rests upon a freedom of the press which encompasses the freedom to write, publish, and distribute just about any media. Nowadays, our tools to express ourselves, like the internet are so immensely powerful that freedom of the press may be even more powerful and meaningful than it was at the founding. We must always remember how important freedom of the press and our other constitutional rights are and make sure they are protected.